Epic Shit is awesome!  Thank You for  the honest reviews! I appreciate your integrity!

– Jean A.


Welcome to Epic Shit – product reviews you can trust. We are an honest product review site and  only review merchandise that we actually own or have tried ourselves. We tell the truth in our reviews, and if a product is provided from a manufacturer, we are always upfront about it. 

Online product reviews lead to more sales and higher market share.  

If we like a product, we are going to let you know it is EPIC. If you are a manufacturer, and would like to talk to us about reviewing your product, feel free to drop us an email on our contact form. 


Honest Reviews 

We stand behind our reviews. We only create reviews for products that we have tried or own ourselves. You will find our reviews always straightforward and honest. If a product is provided to us for review we always let you know up front, we want to you be able to trust our reviews. 

Household Items

We have all seen those cool household gadgets, and wondered if they were worth the price! We love to tel you all about the coolest new gadgets and if they live up to the hype! We have learned that some of these gadgets are EPIC and some are really SHIT. 


Lots of people come come to us for our photography reviews. Our product review specialists have been shooting since the 80’s and  really know their stuff! We love to review cameras, studio gear and all sorts of photographic accessories. Many of our readers love our head-to-head comparisons of photo gear.  


Whether it’s the new iPhone, iPad or a new mouse for your computer, we test new products like someone who just bought it and is excited to try it out. Some review sites are jaded, we are honest and love to fill you in on all the good and bad a product has to offer.